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CCTV is an effective means of deterring theft, robbery and vandalism. Linked to our high tech digital recording equipment, it provides 24 hour surveillance, both inside and outside. Jim Morrice security installations can advise you on exactly the right combination of cameras, recording equipment and lighting to observe and protect your property and goods.

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CCTV Aberdeen, CCTV Security Systems, Quality CCTV Products eveyone is offering the same, how do I choose which one is the best?

Its not easy! a lot of customers will go purely on price, thats not a problem but if you want something installed to a very high standard and follows British Standards and have been doing it the longest, you can't buy 30years of experience.

CCTV is a deterrent, observation and protection tool. The planning behind a CCTV system and the way it is used is crucial to its success. At Morrice Security we carry out a site survey, and discuss what needs to be achieved from the installation.

Then we design a system to fulfill your objectives. Installation is undertaken by our in-house technical security screened engineers who are familiar with all types of CCTV sourced. This means that your system performs to the standards specified in the initial survey. Once the system is installed, you have the choice of either monitoring movements yourself or using our 24 hour Event Monitoring Centre to carry out surveillance, an operator can instantly review images, assess what is happening and determine what action to take under specific instruction

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HD CCTV Plug & Play Kits

Quick, Simple & Great Quality

Morrice Security have designed a CCTV System that can be installed by anybody and no electrical skills required. Our simple CCTV Kit can be installed in a few hours and we will even give you technical support if required.

What do you get in the box

  • 2 x HD Bullet or Dome Cameras (3MP)
  • 1TB NVR Recorder
  • 1 x 21.5" CCTV Monitor
  • 2 x 20m CAT5 Cable (for the cameras)

Morrice Security, CCTV Plug & Play Kits

Self sustaining with complete remote access, rentable for problem areas where electricity & internet is difficult to access

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Morrice Security & AWPR

we have been awarded the contract to install 20 remote CCTV cameras all over the AWPR Route, the cameras had to work in remote locations were there was no power or internet. Morrice Security provided the perfect solution and has been a great success and the cameras can be viewed via the Transport Scotland Website

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* Built-in Remote Access is FREE if you take out a Monthly Maintenance Contract for a minimum of 12 months. Remote Access is available on other systems but is an optional extra.